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As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord ~ Joshua 24:15

A period of change and growth


1924 saw the addition of a new Sunday School addition to the church. A beautiful archway in the rear of the sanctuary was painted in this same timeperiod which was sponsored by confirmation classes with support from the congregation. 


Beginning in November 1937, a complete remodel of the original 1903 church was undertaken. Members had decided that they preferred to modify the historic church rather than build a completely new church. The old tower was demolished and the foundations laid for the new. Work continued through the cold and rainy weather with most of the work completed between November 29th and December 5th. It was completed December 7, 1937 before the next meeting at a cost of $1,400.00 which would be equivalent to approximately $20,000 today. Two bells were reinstalled. One rings for church services, the other is rang only for funerals. Another part of the rich church history is a proclaimation written in their native Czech language describing details of this very special reconstruction.


An interesting artifact exists from that historic remodel as the building committee along with Rev. Barton, signed a wood plank that was included as a memorial within the church bell tower. The building committee included J.H. Huser, F.E. Martinets, Joe Mikulencak, Frank Labaj, Walter Blaha, John Kotrla, and August Holubec. The carpenter was John Marcon of Taylor, Texas. This signing of a plank is similar to the Navy unofficial "Plank owner" tradition which commemorates the individuals who were crew members of a ship when that ship was first placed in commission. As part of the vessel decommissioning and disposal process, the Navy formerly removed a small portion of the deck as a traditional reminder of the time when "wooden walls and iron men" were a key part of the Navy. It is quite possible that these men wished to commerate this historic event in similar military fashion as Joe Mikulencak, Frank Labaj, and August Holubec were returning WWI veterans from multiple branches of service.


Additionally, the Granger Brethren church is unique in the choice of a spandrel. The star on the steeple represenents the love for the State of Texas, while the chalice symbolizes the memorialization of Jan Hus and the gift of the chalice to the laity.


Time again takes its toll on the progress that the visionaries held in the 30's. Our beloved historic church steeple repair was completed in 2016. The Church bells are ringing again! Thank you to members, Unity of the Brethren, community, and surrounding churches for your support in our efforts to preserve our historic church. Our next project is leveling the fellowship hall.


However we still are in great need of your support! If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please submit payment to the Granger Brethren Church

PO Box 943, Granger, TX 76530. 


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Bell Tower Letter
Bell Tower Letter

Signature plank, steeple, and bible verse photo credits: Suzanne Huser


Steeple memories credit:  TW Loessin

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please submit payment to the Granger Brethren Church at PO Box 943, Granger, TX 76530

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