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All material, written, translations, images, and photographs on these pages is the copyright of the Granger Brethren Church unless specifically stated. Material on this site may be used for personal reference only. If you wish to use any of the material on this site for other means, please seek the written permission of the Granger Brethren Church.


© 2014


Contained within this website are original records created by the church and its ministers. All of the historical material is written in the Czech language. Digital scans of the originals include a transcribed copy and the English translations all contained within the hosted document. We attempt to provide the viewer with information regarding where posted page fragments were taken from the original source register when possible.


To cite information from our website please use the following guide along with specific register name and page numbers to complete your reference notes:


Source List Entry

Granger Brethren Church (Granger, Texas). Congregation records, 1892-1953. Digital images. Granger Brethren Church. : 2014



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