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If you would like to make a tax deductible donation, please submit payment to the Granger Brethren Church at PO Box 943, Granger, TX 76530 or you may use the GoFund Me weblink below. Dekuji vam!

Painting and Restoration Campaign

The first Czech immigrants began moving into the Granger area of Williamson County, Texas in the early 1880's. Our small Protestant Brethren congregation soon grew and through intitative, savings and labor, the members constructed a new church fully paid for and a dedication service was held on September 22, 1901. It stood as a landmark on the western edge of town as it does today.  

Beginning in November 1937, a complete remodel of the original 1903 church was undertaken. Members had decided that they preferred to modify the historic church rather than build a completely new church. The old tower was demolished and the foundations laid for the new. Work continued through the cold and rainy weather with most of the work completed between November 29th and December 5th. It was completed December 7, 1937 before the next meeting at a cost of $1,500.00 which would be equivalent to approximately $25,000 today. Two bells were reinstalled. One rings for church services, the other is rang only for funerals. Another part of the rich church history is a proclamation written in their native Czech language describing details of this very special reconstruction. 

December 7, 1937 ~ Dedication Day in Granger, Texas 

This exterior feature of the historic church is not only the focal centerpiece of the building itself, it has been a recognizable feature of the Granger community for well over a century. Through its doors have walked mayors, county commissioners, and state representatives and more importantly, generations of Texas Czechs, including historically significant personages as the Rev. Aldolf Chlumsky, considered the father of the Unity of the Brethren Church here in Texas. It was at this site in Granger, in fact, that 11 delegates from the Czech communities he organized came together in 1903 and established this denomination. 

Today our bell tower is ringing again thanks to your generous support! We continue to work on the wear and tear, and general weathering of an 80 year old structure. Please with your assistance, our beloved Czech church can be restored to the glory of God for another 80 years of service! 

Please help us to continue save our treasure! We couldn't do it without you.

We thank you for your generosity! Děkujeme vám!

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